Here’s a look at what I was doing this spring… works based on the theme “Textured Waters.”  An interesting theme as it seemed to suggest water colors, and I rarely work in blue. That means it was a good stretch for me! As you may know, I prefer a pretty dark, dusty palette of a variety of shades.

The show is at the Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Center on Bainbridge Island, Washington. If you’re visiting the Seattle area, stop in and see my work. Be sure and tell them I sent you!

The piece above, Currents, is primarily in my favorite shades (the blues are still to come!) It’s a textile collage using many African hand dyed fabrics plus a little of this and that from my stash.  I’ve also added textile paint to some of the shades and finished it off with a few lines of hand stitching. Here’s a closer look so you can see those details

Here comes the blue color! This piece, Low Tide,  I also created from African hand dyed fabric….definitely my new favorite  fabrics. Even though I design fabric for the US market……there’s something so exciting and fresh about these gorgeous fabrics from Africa.

The piece of fabric itself did most of the work…..I enhanced it with raw edges, layering, machine and hand stitching. It has an irregular outer edge which also gives it a very handmade look. I like the contrast between the programmed machine stitching and the raveling raw edges.

Tide Pools gets a little extra glitz from the metallic stitching in the background and a sprinkling of small beads called lentil beads….because they’re shaped like lentils! Very soft colors that add a nice effect.  In this piece, as in many of my textile collages, movement is a very important part of the design. The water current here is rushing toward this small group of rocks in swirls of shallow water.

Here’s a closer look. I created the look of water on the rocks by layering hand-dyed sheer fabrics over other fabrics and shapes to add depth and shading. One of my favorite techniques!

One more…..this one, The Perfect Storm, is from my Paintbox Series….probably my favorite style to work in. Again, my goal was to show motion and depth along with creating a composition using a limited palette of blues.

I’ve used sheer fabrics here for layering and creating depth as well as hand painted cheesecloth to add interest. As you can see, it’s all about where I place the circles to create the composition. I love working in this series!

Enjoy….for more of my textile art, check out the gallery section. I’m not good about updating with new work but hopefully you get the idea!

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  1. Brooklynn Says:

    Very pretty…I love it:)

  2. Pamela Says:

    Thanks, Brookie Cookie!! xo

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