A TRIBUTE……my most faithful blog watcher

Most of you have realized….if you drop into my blog now and then…..that I’m not a very faithful or frequent blogger. I always promise myself to do better, but life just gets in the way. Today I want to take time to tell you about my most faithful reader and consistent reminder that I need to write on my blog.  That would be Lauren……one of my granddaughters.

Fifth grade  Here she is……beautiful like her mother! Lauren just turned 11, and is a very busy and talented young lady with basketball, dance, school, friends….and, of course, keeping her eye on Grama’s blog.  Frankly….I think she may be the only one of my wonderful family who even reads it!! I so appreciate her watchful eye. She lives a couple of hours from us, but we were at her house several days ago to attend her fabulous dance performance. She asked me then….”Gramela, (her name for me…..inventive, isn’t she!) when are you going to write on your blog?

Ok, Lauren. I’m going to try to do better. I do have lots of things to say…..just not lots of time to say them! he

Lauren on the beachAt the beach in Hawaii this winter…..having fun with her cousin Brooklynn at the left.

Lauren loves my fabric art and is a great sewer herself…..with her own sewing machine. Her favorite of my pieces is Sunspot…..which I’ve promised will be hers someday. She loves all the beads and crystals….anything that sparkles is good!Sunspot 3Thanks, Lauren. You’re the best….and Grama really appreciates your attention and interest in my blog. Keep reminding me. xo

8 Responses to “A TRIBUTE……my most faithful blog watcher”

  1. Brooklynn Says:

    Loved that quilt too…but she asked to have it before me:( Although I do get a different very pretty one too:) Can’t wait to get it…oh and Lauren is looking FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As always!) – B-dawg:)

  2. Lauren garland Says:

    Love you gramela

  3. Brooklynn Says:

    Beautiful Lauren…can’t wait to see u again;) love brookie

  4. Lauren garland Says:


  5. Brooklynn Says:

    Man I miss Hawaii:(

  6. Brooklynn Says:

    Do you lo??

  7. Brooklynn Says:

    I think about Hawaii every day and think…I wish I lived there:)

  8. Pamela Says:

    Aaah, Brookie. If you lived in Hawaii, I wouldn’t be able to see you very often, and I’d be sad 🙁 You’ll be back again sometime, Sweetheart, if that’s what you want to do.

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