BABY, BABY…….quilt

baby quilt detail


How’s this for a bright and bold baby quilt.  A baby art quilt as my good friend described it. This is just a detail…..a full photos below.

My very special niece Alli is having a baby boy very soon and this is for her…..and baby, of course.  There aren’t many people I’d go to the time of creating this improvisational style quilt….but she’s one of them. I hope they’ll all enjoy the little patches and pieces of color and print. Some of them I dug out of the bottom of my stash and others are new and trendy ones!

Kid Krazy

Here’s the whole quilt.  I made it in 14″ blocks, figuring it out as I went. I    especially like the curves …….I’ve been wanting to try this style  for a while      (hopefully you’ll see more of them to come…….why is it that there’s never enough time for all the things I want to do…whine, whine……I’m sure you’ve felt the same way)

I stitched around each block with a small stitch when it was completed  because with all those little pieces and seams, I didn’t want to be resewing a   gazillion times as I sewed the blocks together. I didn’t square up the blocks….just used the curved technique I used creating the blocks to sew the blocks into rows and the rows together.

KK det 3A little closer look……I especially liked seeing and using those kids fabrics that I’ve had forever in my stash…..some probably 15 years old. Old friends! You’ll notice a lot of sports fabrics…..we are definitely a sports family and my niece was a fabulous college basketball player so there are plenty of basketballs. I did add footballs and helmets for her husband Nick as he’s a mega-fan!

If you’re interested in a good reference for this type of work, create your own free-form quilts by Rayna Gillman is a great way to learn a few techniques and get started.

Enjoy looking……!














3 Responses to “BABY, BABY…….quilt”

  1. Brooklynn Says:

    You did wonderful g-ma…I hope the baby loves it!! I wish it was for me:)At least I got the scraps of the fabric when she was done with the quilt…I’ll make a blanket maybe not as big though!!!

  2. Pamela Says:

    Thank you, Brookie. I know you’ll make a wonderful quilts with the scraps….you’re great at sewing! xoxo

  3. Pamela Says:

    Thanks, Brookie. I’m so glad you like it. Have fun with the scraps…..I know you’ll make something darling. xoxo

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